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The Nixus Foundation is a non-profit organization, created on June 9th, 2011, to promote scientific research in Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Epidemiology, and other related sciences. Nixus is a Latin word which means "effort". Anyone who has managed research and publish scientific articles, especially from developing countries, knows that this requires great personal effort.


Science "is the soul of nations prosperity and the life source of all progress", Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). However, the system designed to facilitate the production of scientific knowledge in our country can not provide appropriate responses. Thus, hundreds of brilliant researchers trained in our universities work in laboratories and departments of the best educational institutions in the developed world.


Our country is ranked 35th in the international ranking of medical scientific publications produced by the SCI of Journal & Country Rank ( in the period 1996-2013. The number of documents accounts of 34,583, with an impact factor = 188 (Hirsch index that measures the productivity and impact of the publication). In other words, our country produces scarce and poor quality scientific information.


Argentina has a rich history in Sports. However, applied Sport  Sciences have not had a proper development according to the requirements of athletes and the general population. Our research group has extensive experience in research applied to Sports, having publish a number of important research in this area. The Nixus Foundation attempts to partially address the structural weaknesses through the promotion of scientific research, providing sustainable opportunities for training young researchers.


Javier Maquirriain MD, PhD


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