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The Nixus Foundation is a non-profit organization, created on June 9th, 2011, to promote scientific research in Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Epidemiology, and other related sciences. Nixus is a Latin word which means "effort". Anyone who has managed research and publish scientific articles, especially from developing countries, knows that this requires great personal effort.


Science "is the soul of nations prosperity and the life source of all progress", Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). However, the system designed to facilitate the production of scientific knowledge in our country can not provide appropriate responses. Thus, hundreds of brilliant researchers trained in our universities work in laboratories and departments of the best educational institutions in the developed world.


Argentina is ranked 35th in the international ranking of medical scientific publications produced by the SCI of Journal & Country Rank ( in the period 1996-2013. The number of documents accounts of 34,583, with an impact factor = 188 (Hirsch index that measures the productivity and impact of the publication). In other words, our country produces scarce and poor quality scientific information.


Argentina has a rich history in Sports. However, applied Sport  Sciences have not had a proper development according to the requirements of athletes and the general population. Our research group has extensive experience in research applied to Sports, having publish a number of important research in this area. The Nixus Foundation attempts to partially address the structural weaknesses through the promotion of scientific research, providing sustainable opportunities for training young researchers.


Javier Maquirriain MD, PhD


Our mission is to promote scientific research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and related Sciences, to facilitate professional training and community education on the benefits of physical activity.




1) All Foundation actions´ shall be of altruistic and non-profit character as founders imposed at the time of its creation, adapting to the context in which it develops.

2) The Foundation shall know the origin of all donations received. Proceeds of unlawful activities or contrary to human rights, or the values of the Foundation will not be accepted. Conditional grants or aid will not be accepted when they violate the objectives or constitute a potential threat to the necessary autonomy of the Foundation.

3) The financial and property management of the Foundation shall be consistent with the purpose of general and public interest. Principles of clarity, transparency and control (internal and external) must be prevalent. The management of resources should be efficient and aimed at diversifying funding sources.

4) General principles of all personnel involved with Nixus Foundation include: the full commitment to the objectives, professionalism and quality of actions, transparency and coherence activity in accordance with its founding principles.

5) People participating in activities of the Foundation are required to avoid and disclose any ethical, legal, or financial conflicts of interest, and withdraw from a position of authority in making decisions regarding any conflict involving the foundation.

6) Studies conducted by the Foundation shall conform to the principles of integrity of scientific research: honesty in communication; reliability in the accomplishment; objectivity; impartiality and independence; openness and accessibility; duty of care; justice in providing credit; and responsibility for scientists and researchers in the future.




The foundation has a prestigious team of researchers led by Dr. Javier Maquirriain



Academic Director

Dr. Maquirriain obtained his doctoral diploma at the Medical School of Buenos Aires University. He is clinical researcher of the CONICET and chair of the Orthopedics Department at the High

Performance National Sports Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

He serves as Visiting Professor at Yale University (New Haven, USA) and is the President of the

Society for Tennis Medicine and Science.

He has published numerous articles in international journals in the field of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. SEE MORE



Principal Investigators

Antonio M. Kokalj PT (Salvador University, Buenos Aires)
Roberto Baglione RN (Head of Sports Nutrition Deparment at the High Performance National Sports Center, Buenos Aires)  
Juan Pablo Ghisi MD (Head of Imaging Department of Fernandez Hospital, Buenos Aires)


Board of Scientific Advisor

Dr. Marcelo Merello (FLENI, Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Dra. Margo Montjoy (McMaster University, Canadá; Comité Olímpico Internacional)

Carl Petersen (British Columbia University, Vancouver, Canadá)

Peter Jökl (Yale University, New Haven, USA)

Todd Ellenbecker (ATP Tour Medical Director)

Savio Woo (Pittsburgh University, USA)

Dra. Babette Pluim (Deputy Editor of British Journal of Sports Medicine)


Honorary Advisors and Friends
They are a select group of people who are distinguished by their exemplary performance, contribution to the community (scientific, sporting, artistic, etc.), promote the values of effort and are a source of inspiration.

Pablo Rovaletti (Paddle Tennis World Champion)

Eduardo Puppo (Journalist)

Prof. Marcelo Bielsa (Professional Football Coach; Gold Medal in Athenas Olympic Games 2004)
Prof. Juan Carlos Belfonte (Physical Trainer of Guillermo Vilas, Bjorn Borg and other international tennis players)
Alejandra García (Finalist Olympic Games Athenas 2004 in pole voult)

Silvio Velo (Captain of National Blind Soccer Team  "Los Murciélagos")


Nixus cooperates with disabled athletes like players of the Argentine Wheelchair Tennis Association and Baccigalupo Foundation.

Nixus also work together with the Argentina Tennis Association, the Association of Argentine Padel, Peak Performance Foundation and other sports federations.










Principal Investigators:




Salvador University, Buenos Aires





Head of Sports Nutrition Deparment at the High Performance National Sports Center, Buenos Aires





Head of Imaging Department of Fernandez Hospital, Buenos Aires